Oct. 5, 2020

I started this blog in my undergrad because I didn’t know what I was doing. Fast forward to now, having graduated my master’s (and being even more in debt) I still don’t. know. what. the. fuck. I’m. doing. Yet somehow, I feel like I’m on the right path to something great. What exactly that is, I have no clue. But hey, I’m trying to plant seeds here.

I’m an INFJ and initially created NonsenseFromJulia (get it?) as an outlet to explore my interests in writing, travel photography, and update my friends and family on a whole lot of nonsense.  I’ve shared my personal experiences from university to travelling abroad, and even had a go at reviewing restaurants.

I’m trying to take this whole “live your life fearlessly with confidence” (that my therapist kindly keeps pushing me to do) more seriously. And what do I fear? Being my authentic self, sharing my doubts and worries and feeling judged by others. That shit takes up A LOT of energy. I realized that I’m getting older and tired of fighting some fights alone. I’m not going to be liked by everybody so why try to hide me? Here I am. This is me right now and I know I still have more learning and growing to do.

Ultimately, this blog is for me and if some aspects of it resonate with you, then that’s pretty cool too. I also created a youtube channel as another form of an online visual diary which you can check out here.

Thanks for stopping by,


All photos are mine unless otherwise stated. 

Feel free to e-mail me at nonsensefromjulia@gmail [dot] com

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