Shopping Small This Holiday Season

If you’re looking for places to shop small this holiday season – have no fear! I’ve round up a few of my favourite Toronto small businesses and creatives that I hope you check out along with other resources that some wonderful folks have created! Over these last 8 or so months, I’ve witnessed my neighbourhood drastically changing. So many local favourites that I’ve grown to love and learn about their stories have had to shut down. If you have this means this year, please consider supporting your local business (via online or curb-side pick up) as well as other small businesses and independent creatives. Or consider buying meals from local restaurants as gifts for your friends and family too!

Secret Planet Print Shop
Paper Plus Cloth
Mr. Pen
Ceruk Coffee

Some of my fave local restaurants in Toronto to order from:

MORE RESOURCES – Shop small & Support Local:

I’ve also recently made a new YouTube video of my day walking around Distillery District to do some holiday shopping myself. I hope this video brings you some warm, cozy vibes as I had a lot of fun picking out the music for it. *Please note that this video was filmed before Toronto went into the second lockdown.*

Stay safe & take care everyone!

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