INFJ gal pals trip

Hi there,

I wanted to write a few words about this video. A friendly reminder that our province’s COVID-19 safety measures may look different from where you are. Ontario is currently in stage 3 with now, a limit of indoor gatherings of 10. In the past six months, I have (and continue to) take these safety measures very seriously. Anticipating an eventual second wave later in the fall, my friends I planned and booked this trip knowing we wouldn’t be able to do so in the winter months. I am extremely grateful for this privilege as well as being able to work remotely to have this as an option. This short trip did wonders for my mental health to get outside of my studio and the city where I’ve been living alone. Navigating the pandemic whether you’re living alone, living with family, going to online school etc. is not easy. If you’re like me, I’m anticipating the harsh winter months and what it’ll do to my mental health as it often does. So below, I’m sharing some free online mental health resources.

Wellness Together Canada
Free adult and youth resources are available: or call 1-866-585-0445 a 24/7 phone service

Asian American Wellness by Marykate includes resources ie; apps, podcasts

Asians for Mental Health by Jenny Wang includes anti-racist resources and includes directory of therapists in Canada & US

Another thing I want to bring attention to is our privileges to go apple picking (and fruit picking in general) as a “fun, fall activity” and being able to purchase and eat locally grown produce. The food that we nourish our bellies and give us energy are likely harvested by migrant workers who are Black and POC (mainly from Jamaica & Mexico; see source*). We went apple picking for about an hour just taking our time. We’re certainly not faced with same precarity that migrant workers are facing on top of the poor and dangerous living and working conditions. As of September 28, 2020, there are 3 migrant worker deaths due to COVID-19 and over 1000 positive cases.

But there is something that we can do about this! We can demand that the federal Government of Canada provide status upon arrival to all migrant workers, end unilateral repatriations, and ensure equal access to entitlements and benefits (wording from Digital Day of Action Kit by Justicia For Migrant Workers, see source* below).

I really want to thank Michelle & Linda for this trip and the memories made. I am constantly learning so so so much from them about migrant worker justice and disability justice and just how to be a better community member and person overall. I joke that they keep me young but I’m always so moved by their leadership and friendship. I’m forever thankful for the space that we hold for each other to be able to ask questions, have those serious and silly chats and have those great laughs and crying sessions together too :’) love ya’ll lots!

Thanks all for reading!

Justicia For Migrant Workers
* – their link tree resource also includes the article & kit that I sourced Instagram: Also check out:

Music in the video: Music by Candelion -Waiting for love (Instrumental) -
Music by Reggie San Miguel – Autumn Stroll – Music by Terry Saige – Far Away –

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