FAC Artist Residency: Week One

Hello all!

It’s been a hot minute (okay big lie, it’s been a while) since my last post. There have been been so many things to update you on but for now I’ll focus on sharing about my current two week artist residency with the Feminist Art Conference! I’m here at Artscape Gibraltar’s Point with 21 other rad intersectional feminist artists from visual arts to writers to musicians!

If you’ve been following the Toronto news, the island is currently experiencing a “once-in-a-century flood.” It’s made our trips to the city a slightly longer than usual, but so far everything is fine and dandy (I hope I’m not jinxing this).*



My corner of the studio 🙂


The carp on the island swimming in the road haha

From my studio window it’s pretty entertaining to see the carp thrashing around and a little scary because at first they look like water snakes/eels.


I’m using this time and space to catch up on some much needed reading/research to further develop my projects and I am creating a new video work using iPhone footage and personal diary entries from my last trip to Viet Nam. Frankly, I was anxious to be in an art space and art mind frame again since I feel like it’s been so long, I felt pretty “out of it.” However, being here and spending all day in the studio reminded me how much I miss having this so I’m trying my best to really take advantage of this experience before I have to go back to the city and regular life. Plus, there have been so many great art conversations and it’s been really nice learning, hearing and seeing other artists’ practices and processes.


The other day I was able to make a quick trek to the beach and record some snippets for future projects.


Studio sunshine & smiles – image from my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUM4Ft-lZUw/?taken-by=julia_huynh

That’s all for my little update for this week – next week we’ll be preparing for our open studio and exhibition!

* Update: (aw I jinxed it) due to rising water levels and severe weather warning, our residency will continue in the heart of downtown Toronto. Which means our open studio will be more accessible! I’m so glad we got to spend a week on the island- I’ve enjoyed every bit of the laid-back island sunshine, it was much needed.



Other links to stay up to date if you’re interested 🙂
Personal Instagram
Artist Website

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