So you’re a ~frugal art kid~

You’ve made it to the big city, from small town borderline boons to the booming metropolis to pursue your love of art.

Congratulations. You followed your dream. You should be proud of that in moments you’re stuck eating pasta and pesto, or declining to go out with your friends on Friday because the Uber surge is a ridiculous 2.7 times the normal rate. You’d rather spend your money on oil paints and stretched canvases, or getting your rolls of film developed for the cost of an arm and a leg, or better yet, trying to make a dent in your student loan.

But you want to have fun in the city! You’re young! You can’t bank on wishing you were “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving” THE TIME IS NOW!  As they say, “You’re in your prime!” Whatever that means.

So how can you have fun without breaking the bank?

This is where I come in, I’ve made one of my goals for March to do fun things around the city of Toronto that was free- whether they were actual events or an activity I came up with on my own.

If you can walk to the locations- even better! Get that exercise, look up and see the architecture around you, however brutalist it may be. Be in awe of all the condo developments that scream gentrification- man, what a time to be alive. Save that $3.25 you’d be spending on the subway for something even better, doing your laundry!

Here’s what you can do each day of the week, every week, for the rest of your life. Just kidding.

Sunday – take a walk to the Library and get a library card. Sing that song from Arthur and be happy you can feed your brain with free knowledge. I got mine at the Toronto Reference Library!  In the evening you can use your friend’s friend’s boyfriend’s netflix to watch new episodes of your fave shows (hands up for The Mindy Project!)

Monday– make your own colouring books. Why spend hard earned mula when you can finally put your drawing pencils to use? It’s a creative and  productive outlet that you can give them away to friends as gifts, or sell them for a profit. Ugh, that sweet sound of cash money rolling into your bank account!

Tuesday–  got a student card? Go to the Gardiner Museum and check out some pottery and porcelain then you can go to the movies for half price, if you’re still into that and don’t stream everything.

Wednesday– okay even if you graduated but still kept your student card (let’s beat the system!) you can check out the AGO for free in evenings -especially if you like big crowds you can people watch people watching the art! How meta.

Thursday – head back to the AGO for free classes like air-dry clay pot-making from          4-6pm. You get to meet new people and make art that you can keep and use. Think about how impressed your friends will be when you show off your cute and ~original~ handmade pot!

Friday-  usually there’s an opening at a gallery SOMEWHERE in Toronto – just check on their calendar. It’s a great way to meet new people, get inspired by art, and hang out with your friends before getting your dancing shoes on. Also, who says you need to get black out drunk on Fridays? Check out the Ballroom, free cover and a good live band. Not *cool* enough? Go to Kensington or Ossington( from an outside source,  because if it’s too far, this girl is not checking it out #straightuplazy)

You’re not 19 anymore. It’s time to be ~classy~ the only thing that should be blacked out is your all-black outfit -because it means you’re s.e.r.i.o.u.s. (I’m a sucker for it). Plus, if you spill ketchup on your black turtleneck from your vegan hotdog, it’s okay! No one is going to see it anyway!  Heck, spill whatever on your clothes and do a performance piece about criticizing consumerism and purposely making people uncomfortable about the stench.

Saturday- Take LinkedIn profile pictures of your friends in exchange for coffee and food, you get to sharpen your photography skills and hang with friends and get food. Sounds sweet to me. Also you can volunteer when you’re over your self-loathing why did-I-do-this-to myself-phase-because oh ya you love it (!!!) Even though you’re not in high school anymore- make volunteering one of your priorities to give back to the community in any way you can.  Who says volunteering has to be a chore? There are so many cool things you can volunteer for- find what interests you and sign up for it!

Don’t believe me that I did these things? Boom, here are pictures for proof since we’re all about that.  If you’re asking: but Julia, what about being healthy and stuff? If you hate going to the gym, run around the city so that if you go on a bunch of tinder dates, you’re always on your toes and ready to sprint away if you ever bump into them!!

Toronto Reference Library!





Water-colouring, not sure who I will give this to, but it was relaxing.



Making an air dry clay planter!  You jelly? Have no fear, the program starts again March 24!



WEARING ALL BLACK. Give confused looks to strangers when they try to hit on you  when all you want to do is enjoy some Post-War Canadian art.  

Have fun my fellow frugal art kids!


note: I know this post is different, I’m  just making fun of me, at this age, and at this stage of my life right now so that when I am thirty, flirty and thriving I can laugh at myself.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think :)

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