update ?

I’ve fallen off the blogging grid.

It’s my birthday in about 4 minutes. I’ve been contemplating writing a post on “adult-ing” because I’ve been doing some pretty ~adult~ things like get a full time job that pays more than minimum wage (so i can somewhat start saying goodbye to my student debt) and signing a full year lease to an apartment for the very first time. Like if those two things don’t scream adult and responsibility then I don’t know what does. Also, it sounds like I’m making excuses but I was trying to get used to working and I’m back at hitting that bump. Not going back to school is weird but I haven’t had time to really process it because I’ve been busy working which is obviously a good thing. My friend Emily texted me saying: this will be the first time we aren’t going back to school after labour day and I thought to myself: oh shit she’s right.

Anyways, this summer I was telling myself that 22 was going to be a buffer, grey, or a filler year. I felt like I had nothing to look forward to, (unlike last year where I had a lot of things to look forward too) but that I will just sort of be stuck and trying to figure things out. And that’s true for the most part. I’m going back and fourth between whether or not I should apply for a masters this year but I don’t know we will see about that. Some of my friends are applying and I need to keep reminding myself to make my own decisions and do what’s best for me.

Something random but important to share is that I told myself on the walk home from work that I’d be more ~me~ on this blog. I mean I try to keep positive but I’m not a cheerful person 100% of the time, but I will say that planning my blog posts was something I looked forward to.  I don’t exactly know the direction of this blog, or the direction of my artwork, or life in that matter. I remind myself I’m trying to figure things out. But now I’m just that 22 year old trying to figure things out and that’s alright. Who knows? Maybe some cool things happen- or I just gotta make them happen, you know?

Anyways, goodnight, I’ll be back eventually with good posts and pictures when I figure out a routine.


I may or may not delete this, but I feel like I owe it to you guys and myself to post.

4 responses to “update ?

  1. Hi, I don’t think I’ve spoken to you before but I wanted to say happy birthday.
    I was in a similar situation to you when I turned 22..I wasn’t looking forward to it and I kept listening to 22 by Lily Allen on repeat (not a good idea) – but looking back now, I am the most proud of the things I achieved when I was 22.
    Good luck and enjoy your special day.


    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it Zoya! I’ve avoided listening to 22 by Lily and Tswift this morning.. for now. You’re right, it’s important to reflect on past achievements. Thanks again for your kind words ❤ It's nice to meet you!


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