Wayhome Festival

67200016A few weekends ago I went to the first Wayhome Festival just outside of Barrie. I had a really great time even after 4 days of camping and not showering…(word of advice: you’re not really cleaning yourself with baby wipes, eventually you’re just rubbing the dirt and sweat everywhere… TMI? sorry aha) I got sick and got a couple bug bites but it is what it is! It was my first music festival and I definitely learned a lot in terms of what to pack and what not to pack which you can find here.

Some memorable acts were: Hozier, Alt-J, Alvvays, Odesza, Slow Magic, Modest Mouse, and Sam Smith which I’m now completely obsessed with his album. There were 4 stages and the grounds had various art displays which I thought was really great that people could interact with some of the work. With over 35,000 people attending, it ran pretty smoothly, but I’m sure many can agree that they needed more water refill stations because it was sizzlin’ in the sun!

My phone was completely dead but was able to take some photos and you can bet that I brought along my film camera which I’ll share below!


We set up our tent in less than 10 minutes- we were quite proud!

Wayhome Festival Campgrounds with RVS 67200011

Naomi at Wayhome

My good friend Naomi

Wayhome Stage

Wayhome Stage

Wayhome Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop Girls

Wayhome Festival Day 2

Day 1



Day 2 at Reebok VIP tent


See that Crochet top? My momma made that- about 20 years ago- I can only hope to crochet and knit half as well as she can.

Wayhome Festival

Fellow Film Photographer

67200022 Wayhome Festival Art Wayhome Festival Art67210016Stay cool fellow wayhomies, hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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