Bindia Indian Bistro Review

OpenTable Toronto recently reached out to me to ask if I’d be interested in booking a restaurant reservation through their service and writing about my dining experience.* You can book a reservation online, or through their app that’s free to download. It was super easy to sign up and quick to make the reservation at Bindia Indian Bistro for dinner-  if you hate talking on the phone this might be something you’d want to consider!

Bindia Indian Bistro were really accommodating even though I changed my dinner time to be an hour earlier through the app, and when my friend and I showed up a few minutes before, it wasn’t a problem at all! We sat in the corner on the patio surrounded by gorgeous purple flowers.

From the Summerlicious dinner prix fixe menu I got: Harayali Tikki, Butter Chicken, Kheer. I wanted to give Indian food another try, a lot of my friends really enjoy it and all my experiences with it have been mediocre where the food tasted like frozen food. It was just bad, so I was pretty skeptical about this place but the reviews seemed to be positive, and let me tell you it was the best Indian food I’ve had. 

Harayali Tikki- Summerlicious- Bindia Indian Bistro

Harayali Tikki

Harayali Tikki-Summerlicious- Bindia Indian Bistro

Harayali Tikki detail

For the appetizer, the Harayali Tikki was a veggie patty made of  “broccoli, carrots, peas and aromatic spices.” We wanted to order the Vegetable Pakora but unfortunately they were out of it. When you cut the patty, there’s an intense green colour which threw me off guard, but my friend and I agreed it was really good and that we wished we had more of it!

Butter Chicken-Summerlicious-Bindia Indian Bistro

Top: Bhuna Chicken Left: Butter Chicken, Naan

I got the butter chicken as my main with naan, and it was creamy and the chicken was tender. They nailed it, at this point I was glad I gave Indian food another shot. I can’t get over how tasty the sauce was- and I loved the naan, it was so fresh and warm. My friend had the Bhuna Chicken with masala sauce and when I had a bite of it it was pretty good!

Dessert-Summerlicious-Binda Indian Bistro

Left: Rasmalai Right: Kheer

As for dessert, I got the Kheer- a rice pudding, while my friend had the Rasmalai which was a cheese dumpling. It wasn’t so bad, if I didn’t know it was cheese I think I’d be okay with it… there’s just something about eating a ball of cheese (for me anyway). The rice pudding on the other hand, was cool and refreshing- a good way to end off a pleasant dining experience.

The service was great- our glasses were always refilled (non-alcoholic…don’t worry aha), it didn’t take long at all to get our meals and the overall atmosphere was very relaxed and pleasant. I think for $25 it was a positive experience, there was enough food that I was at that “good-level” of full and the quality was really good for Summerlicious. I’m giving Bindia Indian Bistro a 4/5 which it definitely deserves. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Summerlicious season, let me know if you ever wander over to the Financial District to check this place out!


*I am not being sponsored for this post, it’s a collaboration! If you’re interested in collaborating, sponsoring, or have questions, shoot me an e-mail at nonsensefromjulia@gmail [dot]com 

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