Harlem Review

It’s finally summer in Toronto which means Summerlicious has arrived! Various restaurants across the city give a prix fixe menu that include an appetizer, main, and a dessert available for lunch or dinner. Earlier this week I went to Harlem for lunch at 67 Richmond Street East for my first restaurant of the season!
I went with two friends, and ordering form the $18 dollar menu I got: the cornbread, southern fried chicken & waffles, and the brownie cookie for dessert.

deep fried okra, harlem, restaurant, cornbread

Top: Deep Fried Okra Bottom: Cornbread

No one wanted to order the kale salad to try, but for the main and the dessert we each got something different so that we could all try a bite. I was excited for cornbread, but my friend and I agreed that this was a little too dry for our liking. Our other friend ordered the deep fried okra- that tasted pretty good. I’d recommend that over the bread.

Harlem, fish n chips, southern fried chicken and waffles, the roasted jerk

Top: Fish n Chips Bottom Left: Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles Right: The Roasted Jerk

For the main I got chicken and waffles, yeah, chicken and waffles, you read that right. I wanted to see what the big deal was because lately everyone’s been all about it. And let me tell you, the fried chicken was really good, I was so impressed. I probably could have done without the waffles and just have more of the chicken to be honest haha.  When I had a bite of the roasted jerk I thought it was going to be super spicy but it wasn’t at all. My spicy tolerance is about non existent, so for my friend who loves spices she was a bit disappointed but still enjoyed it. The fish n chips was actually catfish which I never ate before, it surprised me how moist it was but pretty tasty!

Southern Bread Pudding, Candied Plantain, Brownie Cookie

Top Right: Southern Bread Pudding Left:Candied Plantain Right: Brownie Cookie

Unfortunately the dessert did not live to our expectations, we were told the brownie and pudding would be really moist and soft, and it was the complete opposite. None of us finished our desserts. But I am keeping in mind that it is Summerlicious, and the price you pay definitely coincides with quality, in my opinion.

For $18, overall it wasn’t so bad. I would definitely go back just for the legit (I say legit instead of the Summerlicious version of it) fried chicken and waffles- yes I’m going to be all about that now.

Harlem has a really cool vibe, the servers were friendly and it was just too bad we couldn’t sit outside and enjoy the art due to the rain, but hopefully next time! Overall I would rate this is a 2.5/5 considering the quality/taste of the appetizer and dessert and the platting wasn’t really to my expectations.

So let me know if you end up going to Harlem yourself, and what you thought!


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