Biblioteca Comunal dell’Archiginnasio

It’s Friday so that means another Travel Flashback to… Bologna! Whenever I talked to locals of Florence and I mentioned I went to Bologna they would always say: Why go there?  It’s not a typical big touristy city. It’s a quiet town that still has its medieval roots, known for its towers and home of the first university in the world founded in the year 1088, Universita di Bologna.

The university has one of the most BEAUTIFUL libraries I had ever seen. You’re not allowed to take photographs but below is a picture of a postcard I bought (ha). Inside the library are sculptures of important figures from Bologna including the architect Carlo Francesco Dotti.

After checking out the university and exploring the campus you should make your way to Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio. There’s an anatomical theatre built in 1637 where medical students would gather around to learn about the human body from cadavers. The entire room has wood furnishings and two statues known as the “spellati firmate” because they look like their skin has been removed, it’s to represent when the students would learn dissection. I thought it was really neat to sit in the room and try to imagine what it would have been like to be a student back then.

Now for food (if you haven’t just lost your appetite, whoops) Bologna is known for their dish tagliatelle bolognese. When I went to visit Bologna with a few of my friends from my program, our professor recommend we try the restaurant Buca Manzoni. It was cute and quaint on the inside with wooden benches and picnic like table cloths and the food was so good. The menu- yes the menu itself is really cool too. For each dish, the title is written in Italian and in the dialect. I thought it was interesting to see the difference in spelling which you can take a look at below!

For “planning” our day trip I referenced this site, we were able to check out some other places like Museo Civico as well! If you have one, make sure you show your student ID for a discount! We didn’t have a step by step plan for our trip as we went with the flow for a majority of the day so what’s great is that we stumbled our way into new places. I remembered we walked by the church of San Bartolomeo and the door happened to be open and the interior caught my eye. I’m glad we went in, it was a nice, quiet moment. IMG_2987 IMG_9908 IMG_9861

A detail of an illuminated manuscript- can you believe this was done by hand?! BY HAND.


Anatomical Theatre

IMG_9902 IMG_9878 IMG_9874


Buca Manzoni MenuIMG_9914

Church of San Bartolomeo IMG_9917

I’m glad my friends and I made the trip out to Bologna- ah the beauty of being able to take a train absolutely anywhere.

Enjoy your trip to Bologna!



All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. 

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