Ottawa on Film

788928_39Woohoo! I got my film developed from my long weekend trip in Ottawa with the fam jam. I shot with my trusty Canon 35mm (named Lucy) on Kodak film and it was my first time using my new camera (named Marvin) a Minolta x-700  that I bought off Kijiji in the winter, and it came with about 5 different lenses all for the stellar price of 75 bucks. I used my last roll of Fuji film with my Minolta- this camera is really light to carry but I’m still getting the hang of it. I under exposed on the Minolta camera and I think there was an issue with scanning. The negatives were scanned at a lower resolution, and I hope to scan them again to see if they turn out a bit clearer. Anyway, I don’t really have a preference between Kodak or Fuji, film is film in the sense that I won’t ever know what to expect as you will definitely see below. I asked my sister to take a few pictures of me and well… the hilarity ensues, I just know now to ask my dad to take pics with my film camera for graduation next week (ah yikes it’s so soon!!)
Enjoy the photos below, I have some exciting blog posts for upcoming weeks that I’m really excited to share!








I won a lil’ minion for my sister playing whack-a-mole, no big deal aha
788928_41788928_43 788928_44

Taken by my lovely sister…. -.- aha788928_46 788928_47



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