Travel: Capri Sun

The sunshine in Toronto right now has got me thinking a bit about the south of Italy. So it’s fitting today’s Thursday aka #throwbackthursdays! I wrote briefly about Capri when I shared what my sister and I did for my birthday, but I didn’t talk too much about the experience.
I love the sunshine and just how colourful the buildings in the south were! The boat tour (planned by the best big sister ever) was a really relaxing way to celebrate. We were able to go swimming near one of the grottos–no not the Blue Grotto because there was an intense 1-2 hour wait! I remember the water was so warm and my sister commenting: “Whoa I’m super boyant, I guess because of all the salt.” Which in her defence, makes a lot of sense.

If you’re going to the south here’s a few tips:

  • keep your coins for using the bathroom- yes you have to pay 1-2 euros
  • bring water bottles
  • wear a hat and sunglasses
  • wear comfy shoes- there’s lots of cobblestones and hills, or you can be like me, I brought my sneakers and sandals on the boat tour
  • sunscreen and don’t forget to re-apply
  • bring hair elastics if you want to control your hair while swimming, personally I love salty beach hair to the point where I tried to make my own salt spray
  • wear your bather underneath your clothes and pack a light cover up or extra tank top
  • take plenty of pictures along the way, there is nothing else like it!

On that note, here are some pictures taken with my DSLR instead of my phone- I had forgotten to bring my film camera which by the way I’ve been trying to carry it with me everywhere I go walking around TO.

IMG_9285 IMG_9311IMG_9288


Apparently, if you go under this arch while kissing your partner it will signal “true love forever.”IMG_9379 IMG_9381


The lemons are HUGE, and there’s lemon themed souvenirs everywhere and of course, your limoncello. IMG_9364

I hope you enjoy your travels! 🙂


All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.

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