Undergrad Pt. 3

Today, was a very long day to say the least. The bulk of my assignments are now done and the only thing I have left is my final photo critique tomorrow.

I think it’s fitting that today I felt really tired because that was my third year to be frank. Well the summer before school started was awesome even though it was full time summer school. I got to live with one my closest friends, go see JT and Jay Z, do a 5K Colour Run (that totally resulted in pink and blue boogers for a solid day whoops tmi? aha) camp out at my friend’s farm, and just do cute summery things with friends like a picnic in the park!

I am a huge advocate for summer school, it’s so nice to just focus on one or two courses, the campus is stunning and although it’s an intensive 6 weeks, I found a huge improvement with my marks. Also, during the regular year, classes are too large so you can’t go on gallery tours as easily. But in the summa’ you can bet there’s going to be some planned, which is always fun!

I took summer school also because I got accepted to be a don in the fall which I wrote about a while a go. Before training I had those same worries that I had in first year: “what if I don’t make any friends” plus the fear of whether or not my students would like me.

I think my third year was definitely a personal victory in terms of trying new things in painting and photography and just growing as a person. By the end I had decided to apply to study abroad and move downtown for the summer. So third year was my last year on residence .There was a solid month where I didn’t know 100% what was going to happen, whether I got accepted, if I could find a place downtown, if I was going to have to find a place near campus etc. etc. My life was in complete limbo. And it was so frightening and stressful because I hadn’t experienced that before.

So here’s what I learned/ what would tell myself last year/ highlights (just last year, can you believe it?! I can’t.  It seemed like forever ago)

  • One of the best things are real-talks/ sleepovers, so do more of those- it’s going to be harder to have those later on
  • Save your weekends for going to the studio.
  • Buying a clipboard and file folders/organizers goes a longgggg way
  • I know I said this before but I learned that just because you’re a support to others doesn’t mean you can’t get support
  • Make sure you enjoy residence everything it has to offer, you’ll miss running into familiar faces and strolling down to your friends’ apartment in your pi’s
  • Actually, enjoy rez to an extent, you don’t have to do everything, so maybe don’t play basketball and you won’t sprain your ankle and have to get pushed in a blue cart back to rez…
  • Be real and stick to your guns no matter what.  Do you boo, boo, do you.



Here’s the playlist and you can click on the images to view them 🙂

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