Undergrad Pt. 2

Ah, 3 days left and fun fact: I just had my last critique for Design 1 (yes I put off taking first year design until now). Anywhoo, here’s my reflection on being a second year student:

I moved back on residence since we have that as an option for upper year students. I wasn’t freaked out this time, but more excited because I got to choose my friends as my room mates- unit 631 what upppp! Second year overall was like the year of tears- I’m half kidding on this one because there are some good and bad tears. I thought that by now I would have university life under control (I’m cry-laughing as I wrote that).

This was the year I really started questioning my major: Art and Art History.  I felt pressured to have everything planned out and know exactly what I was going to do after school (let’s be real, I.still.don’t.have.a.clue.) so I thought: “Let’s do grad school for maybe art restoration? Ya, I’ll say that for now.” I thought that by taking chemistry and calculus and saying I was going to do this, do that, obviously meant I had my whole future figured out…right? Nahh.

I made it a goal to be more involved at school by volunteering, joining Residence Council (RC representttt) and even playing lacrosse. It kept me busy and it was a lot of fun meeting new people and friends and laughing at each other during video projects to promote our events (like YOLO So Play It Safe ). I’m glad I got involved because I met some really supportive people. Ya, you could say tensions got a little high the night before the big formal- as it would- but it all worked out in the end and it was one of the best events!

Following what I did in my first year post, here’s a playlist and this is what I’d tell my super stressed out second year self-maybe they’ll apply to you too:

  • It’s fine to switch your minor/major/whatever, you’re going to change your mind a lot, it happens!
  • Dropping a course doesn’t mean you’re a failure at life.
  • Cereal is a great study snack.
  • Don’t buy yarn in bulk. You will only finish knitting one circle scarf this year- scratch that, that’s the only one you make for your entire undergrad.
  • The power of dream boards is real ya’ll. Having a positive visual and your goals on crafty colour paper will do wonders when you’re stuck studying on a Friday night.
  • Have more movie nights with your roomies and friends, you’re going to miss it when they move off campus
  • Please take better care of your artwork for the future.
  • Your Painting II Prof was right, that was a bad painting- that’s why that critique needed to happen and good on ya’ for talking to them about it afterwards, keep doing that.
  • Faculty critiques are not scary, just sign up for them. Having other professors talk to you about your work is helpful not scary.
  • Embrace that you love art and admit to yourself you want to pursue it. Embrace the fact you will forever be asked: “But like, what are you actually gonna do with that?”
  • Embrace your inner dork and take pics beside your work thumbs up and all. Be happy kiddo.


Third year post will be up on Wednesday!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think :)

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