Undergrad Pt. 1

I have 4 days left of my undergrad, well technically 3 full days left but anyways, my last class is this Thursday. I was 17 (ahhh such a young one) when I started university and I made some poor decisions, I mean, don’t we all? I took a few too many courses than I had ought to -including ECO 100, yaaa not so sure what I was thinking…

First Year was like nothing I had imagined university to be like. I know in high school teachers would always say: “it’s a lot tougher you know” and I thought: “Nah, do you know me? My life is school. Pshhh please, I got this.” Reality check, adjusting to uni was a lot harder than I thought and moving away from home was both terrifying and exciting. I remember I was the first person to move into my residence and I had this fear that no one else was going to show up. I know I’m not alone in that everyone worries about whether or not they’d make any friends. Let me tell you, some of my closest friends are from first year and I met them at good ol’ orientation/frosh. You just have to put yourself out there.

One of the best things from first year was the surprise birthday party. My birthday falls in the second week of September and I remember asking my new friends: “What are you doing this weekend? I want to throw a bday party” and oddly everyone was really busy. That’s when I seriously thought I had zero friends and I wanted to go back home. But I stayed and sure enough the party happened -it was so lovely and sweet of everybody!

Another great thing was going to the Kanye West and Jay Z concert the night before my economics midterm. Do I remember the concert? Heck yes. Do I remember what was on the midterm? No, but it was the only time I got an A on the course because I studied my butt off. Basically, I remember reading a post that someone said that they regretted not going to concerts or events because of school. I know it’s easier said than done, but time management is the key to life.

I don’t know if this post is reaching out to anyone who is about to start university or college but here’s what I would tell my first year self:

  • It’s okay to be scared and sad when you move.
  • It’s okay it’s taking a while to adjust.
  • Everything will be fine, go party or do other things you think are really fun but try to find some kind of balance between social life and school life. Try your best- you’ll get better at this eventually.
  • Call home every now and then and keep in touch with your friends from high school too -it will really help!
  • Eat breakfast everyday. Make yourself get up early enough to eat breakfast before that 8am class because for the rest of uni it is SO hard to make yourself do this, so get in the routine.
  • Actually, drop ECO 100 = no more 8am course, you’re getting a 50 in it, or for the love of God inform yourself about the Pass/Fail Option
  • Buy an actual pair of gloves for John when he dyes the ends of your hair.
  • Join clubs and teams that actually interest you, don’t sign up for every mailing list just to get free candy or a t-shirt during Clubs Week.
  • And take lots and lots of pictures for memories

On that note, some pictures of first year froshie Julia. (ugh I cringed writing that) and have a listen to a playlist I made with songs that remind me of this time.





There’s a ton of more pictures but they are too embarrassing to share and a lot of people wouldn’t be pleased aha. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Second Year!


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