Summer on film.

One of my first posts was about Silent Lake when I went back home in the summer for a few days. I remember my friend and I planned it a little last minute and it was supposed to thunderstorm but we were still able to go swimming and hike around. It was definitely my short but sweet getaway from the city.

This week I have finally gone into the studio and developed the roll of black and white film from the summer. I hadn’t been back in the dark room at school for over a year and there’s been a lot of changes (mostly upgrades) so I was thrilled to find that I properly developed my roll. When you develop film yourself it can be a challenging process as a lot of things can happen like light leaks, bubble effect on your film, messing up on the timing, incorrect amount of solutions etc. etc. etc.

To be honest, I’ve been having a bad case of the winter blues. It is absolutely freezing in Toronto and despite it being my ‘spring break’ well, it is anything but a break. There were some setbacks and there still kind of are, but I’m trying to stay positive and get back up. As things get stressful at school (considering it’s the last semester) this morning I truly remembered how important it was to set small goals outside of school and have things to look forward to. So one of those goals was to continue to work on my artist website (still in progress) and publish this blog post! We all have different goals/ways to de-stress so blogging for me, is one of them.

Anyways, I completely forgot what else was on this roll and it put a smile on my face, which was definitely needed. So here are some pictures and a few other summer shots in colour with some rad light leaks!













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