Two Thirds Left.

My last posts have been recalling my travel adventures abroad and well, a lot has happened since I’ve been back in Canada. I’ve moved to downtown Toronto, I’m interning, I had my very first group exhibition (more info here) and between those major updates I’m in the midst of balancing academics, extra-curriculars, commuting between 3 campuses, developing my own artist website, submitting and applying to opportunities and just adjusting to life post-abroad to be honest.

I have about two thirds of my final semester left. Two thirds. Pardon me? How did these past four years fly by so quickly? Please excuse me if my posts become monthly updates as I’m trying to give it my all and doing whatever I can to make this semester a great one. This includes trying new things and meeting new people. And you know what? I didn’t realize how my perception of living in the big city would change until I got here. I was reminded that I started my university journey as this kid from the tiny cottage country (aka Peterborough).

Anyway, it takes a ton of effort to meet new people and I realized just how lucky I was to have lived on residence the past 3 years. I didn’t think I would miss my campus but I started to miss running into familiar faces in the halls. However, I won’t let this discourage me, in fact, I can be happy to share that I’m trying out some fun classes offered at the gym, like Zumba. Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, because it was a blast! And now that I’ve shared that on the internet I feel obligated to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle (how strange eh? not like anyone would be doing “check-ins” but you get what I mean).

Oh and I’ve also decided to get Twitter, I’m trying to tailor my social media to things I’m genuinely interested in and be more informed of art events, talks, openings etc. that’s happening around. So that’s what’s up. I realized I don’t have any decent pictures of Toronto, so next time I’ll be a tourist in my own city and share it with you!




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