France on Film Pt. 2

Bonjour mes amis!

And that is the extent of my French- mind you, if I were to speak it, it’d be French Canadian so I think I’m doing us all a favour haha. Anyways this might sound off, but when I went to France I felt victory.  Well after travelling for about 12 hours on 2 hours of sleep, finally checking into our hostel (3 Ducks which was pretty nice) then walking an hour and half from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre into the night.

First, here’s a cool thing about the Louvre (despite all the art of course) if you’re between the ages of 18-25 you get in for free! How swell is that? So at this point my friends and I were so tired and we had just 2 hours before it closed, so we had 3 “big” works we wanted to see: the Nike of Samothrace, Mona Lisa  (because duh, you just “have” to see it, and to be honest it didn’t do much for me you know the whole you literally see it everywhere the ‘aw’ or the aura of the original gets eliminated…) and the Venus de Milo.

Let me tell you, when I walked into the corridor that lead to the Nike of Samothrace, all of a sudden I got this burst of energy and excitement and I power walked through and up those stairs and at the sight of the statute I felt victory. The insane travelling we went through that day, and then finally being here in front of this statue (which in grade ten I did a drawing of it from a freakin’ post card) it was a surreal moment! This statue has been a favourite of mine, mostly because it helped spark my interest in art history. As a short summary it’s from Ancient Greece from the hellenistic period and like helloooo take note of all the movement and the wet drapery! I can’t stress just how great it is to finally see artworks in person, textbooks and slide projections don’t do justice!

Anyways, as I mentioned last week, I took only two rolls of film on my trip to Paris, one being colour and the other was black and white, so here are a couple of shots!


5655002556550026 5655002756550032






All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. 

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