France on Film Pt.1

Hello hello!

I have now been back in Canada for just over a week, and I already strongly miss my time in Europe. So what better way to beat the blues than to share with you my pictures from France on this #FlashbackFriday?

My trip to France was the only trip outside of Italy, as it was frowned upon to be leaving the country since the point of my program was to immerse yourself in Italian culture. However, I thought to myself: When the heck am I going to be back here? Paris and Berlin were my two spots I wanted to visit, but Berlin will have to be next time, because let’s face it, if given the opportunity I would go back to Europe in a heartbeat.

So for my trip to Paris (which by the way the flight was very cheap through RyanAir), I packed a carry on and brought only my film camera with two rolls: one black and white, one colour. I felt like this was a big decision because often I find that when I bring along my digital camera I get a)stressed out as to which camera I should be using b)my neck hurts c)overwhelmed by not getting the right shot in either medium. So with my film camera, I had less to worry about, and really had to think about what photographs I wanted to take to remember this trip. With my digital camera I can just shoot, shoot, shoot to the point where I have 1000+ images to go through.

It’s true to say that with film there can be so many unexpected surprises, you don’t know how the shot will turn out. When I got my rolls developed  I guess I had opened the camera and exposed the roll at some point during my journey. I like the effect and it makes me rely on my own memory of the moment those shots were taken.

Below are my pictures from the top of Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and on the subway of this man playing Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” The last photo, I meant to do a double exposure of my friend Lia doing two poses but then that happened and it’s hilarious. Also, the Eiffel Tower was freezing, so if you go, be sure to bundle up and be prepared to wait in line for the elevators!

5365000353650005 53650004  53650009 5365001053650015 53650020 53650021xx Julia All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. 

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