Venezia è Laguna

Dopo Halloween, le mie amiche ed io siamo andate a Venezia per il fine settimana. La città è bellissima! Ho preso solo due foto con pellicola, ma ho una pellicola nera e bianca che sto aspettando sviluppare.  Ma anche, ho preso tante foto con la mia macchina fotografia digitale.  Abbiamo camminato dal treno stazione al Piazza San Marco. Là, abbiamo preso un taxi perché una gondola era molto cara…hahah sono una povera studentessa! Voi sapete che a Venezia c’é murano vetro? Il vetro posso essere colorato, e penso che sia bello. Infatti, ho comprato alcune veto per regali per miei amici!

Ecco alcune foto 🙂

After Halloween, my friends and I went to Venice for the weekend. The city is so beautiful! I could only take 2 photos using my film camera as the roll finished, but don’t worry I had a black and white roll that I’m waiting to develop! Also, I did take photos with my DSLR which I will share below. We walked from the train station to Piazza San Marco and from there we took a water taxi because well, a gondola was a little too pricey for being a student -a somewhat poor one after this trip haha!

Did you know in Venice they have Murano glass? It can be really colourful, and I think it’s quite beautiful some of the objects that can be made from it. In fact I even bought some as gifts! Also, this is my last week in Italy, so I have some major blog posts coming up- from Bologna to Paris, to a draft I made when I was only 4 weeks into the program…how quickly time flies by!

Anyways, here are some photos as always, enjoy!




All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. 

4 responses to “ Venezia è Laguna

    • Thank you Arielle, that’s so sweet of you to say!
      Ah I bet it would have been really nice to visit in the summer, it was slightly chilly when I went, especially on the water taxi haha, but it was still beautiful nonetheless!


  1. Totally in love with the city. I was born there and I find your article very well described 🙂 You can check what I wrote about Venice on my blog, if you wish!

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    • I’m so glad! Venice has been on my mind lately, as a close friend of mine will be there this summer for an internship. You’re lucky to have been born in such a beautiful city!!


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