Roma–Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Mi dispiace per questo post in ritardo, ma ho una ragione perché ho aspettato per la mia pellicola a sviluppare. A Roma, veni, vidi, e vici. Carolyn, Bianca, Rain, Anthony ed io siamo andati al Colosseo, Vaticano, San Pietro, Sant’Ivo Alla Sapienza, Piazza Navona e Santa Maria della Vittoria. Onestamente, ero stanchissima, ma ero felice perché finalmente ho visto opere di Gian Lorenzo Bernini e la chiesa di Francesco Borromini (per storia dell’arte, io studio barocco e contemporanea arte).

Sfortunatamente, non sono andata alla Galleria Borghese, ma spero che possa andare un’altra volta! Mi piace molto quando sono andata al Vaticano. L’arte a là sono belle, ho visto Cappella Sistina di Michelangelo e ho preso una foto con il mio iPhone (haha sono furtivo). Ho preso tante foto dell’Estasi di Santa Teresa, l’anno scorso ho scritto un tema su Bernini e questa scultura. La cappella era magnifica e raccomando voi visitate questa chiesa, l’è solo cinque minuti dal metro stazione! Allora, ecco alcune foto:

I’m sorry for posting this so late, I know it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I have posted but I have a good reason why… I was waiting for my film to develop! At Rome, I came, I saw, and I conquered. We went to the Colosseum, Vatican City, St.Peter’s, Piazza Navona and two churches, Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza (a church by Borromini) and Santa Maria della Vittoria. Honestly I was so tired but so happy that finally I got to see works by Bernini that I studied in class (my focuses in art history are baroque and contemporary art).  

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the Borghese Gallery (where there are amazing sculptures by Bernini and Caravaggio’s paintings) but I hope I can go another time. I have a feeling I’ll return to Europe someday! I really enjoyed going to the Vatican, the art there is beautiful and I saw the Sistine Chapel- I even took a photo, haha I’m sneaky. I think I enjoyed it there because it has so many of the works you first learn about like the School of Athens and Laocoon. I remember seeing slide projections of these two in high school and quickly  sketching them in my notebook when we had to remember 100+ works.  Also, there’s a variety of works not just from the Renaissance but even from Ancient Egypt.   I took a lot of photos of Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Theresa, I wrote an essay on this work in particular last year and I love it. I highly recommend that you visit the church (Santa Maria della Vittoria), it’s small but so beautiful inside, you wouldn’t believe the contrast from it’s exterior to the interior, plus it’s only 5 minutes away from the subway station! Anyway, here are some photos, hope you enjoy! 50300003 50300004 5030000650300008503000125030001450300017 50300018 50300021 xx Julia All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.

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