Today’s the day.

Edit: this was written on Sept 12 I can’t believe I’m going to Italy. Despite sitting in the airport, it still hasn’t hit me. Today, my parents and I met up with my sister at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Dau Bo. 

Now I’m at the airport alone as my sister and I are on different flights (long story) and unfortunately our gates aren’t near by. So I’m just chilling, trying to calm myself down by writing this post. In my application to study abroad we had to submit a personal response stating what we will gain from the experience. I just read mine now, and it’s really helped me calm down. It reminded me of the goals I hope to achieve and that I wanted this. Here’s a little bit from my application: “I believe that by literally being outside of my comfort zone in a new country with a different culture, will give me that push to experience new things and gain the skills needed to improve my Italian. I see this as a chance to learn more about myself as well, by trying new things and gaining a greater sense of independence.”

Honestly, I was and still am, a nervous wreck. I mean of course I’m excited for this new adventure, what an opportunity, but I’m also willing to admit that I’m just really scared. I know I’m not the only one that’s probably nervous but sometimes it’s a little too easy for me to think that everyone else is doing fine and dandy and I’m just making a big deal about it.  Whatever I’m feeling, I have to tell myself that all these emotions are a-okay. Everything is going to work out. By the way, soon my posts will be written in Italian, but I will have the english text right below it because I want my parents and friends to understand it too (HI MOM HI DAD). IMG_7787.JPG

Toronto to Washington:

IMG_7798.JPG Brussels to Naples: IMG_7805.JPG Hotel view from Naples :


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