Questo autunno andrò in Italia!

Translation: This fall I am going to Italy! I sincerely hope I wrote this correctly, or else boy do I have a lot of practicing to do… I can never get my prepositions correct haha!

Yes, I am studying abroad for the fall semester and I’m lucky enough to be going a week earlier and will be joined by my sister. This should be nice to get settled in a bit so I don’t feel so overwhelmed as it will be the first time going to Europe and in fact, it’s the first time I’m travelling that’s not meant for a family vacation. Anyway, while planning for my accommodation for the week with my sister, I have found this lovely 8tracks playlist that has really helped me feel less overwhelmed!

I am excited and for the most part just really nervous…but I know it’s supposed to be a good kind of nervous! We have a language contract where we can only speak Italian, unless it is an emergency should we speak English. To be honest, this contract is quite intimidating, however, how else am I to learn the language? I foresee a lot of awkward phrases and very broken Italian spoken for the first few weeks, but I am hopeful that the language will come quickly!

Have you gone to Italy before? Any recommendations? I am deciding whether I should purchase my train ticket from Naples to Florence online or if I should buy when I am there… any thoughts shared will certainly help! 



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